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When a salesman comes into your home he always brings with him some type of Presentation Book (called a "Pitch Book"). This Presentation Book advertises and showcases his wares. We are no different... except for one thing: You can see our Presentation Book without seeing the salesman! (What a blessing)

The links below will pull up high resolution PDF files of our latest and greatest In Home Presentation Book used by our sales people. But because it is high resolution, I had to break it into many smaller sections. Each download will still take some time, so be patient! (It is worth the wait)

You only need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Enjoy!

Credentials (pp 1-4)

Lawler Deck (pp 5-9) [GeoDeck]

Options (pp 10-13)

Kaila Deck (pp 14-18) [GeoDeck]

Kaila Gazebo (pp 19-23) [Vinyl]

McNichols Deck (pp 24-30) [GeoDeck]

Harpster Deck (pp 31-35) [GeoDeck]

Fasano Deck (pp 36-42) [GeoDeck]

Mills Deck/Porch (pp 43-45) [GeoDeck]

Endy Deck/Porch (pp 46-50) [GeoDeck]

Endy Deck/Porch (pp 51-55) [GeoDeck]

Front Porches (pp 56-64)

Ciotti Deck (pp 65-66) [Ipe]

Ullman Deck (pp 67-72) [Ipe]

OConnor Deck/Porch (pp 73-77) [Ipe]

OConnor Deck/Porch (pp 78-82) [Ipe]


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