Fairway Composite Railing
Testing Documentation
(so you can get a permit)

In order to obtain a Building Permit in many localities (like Fairfax County, Virginia), you need an ICC-ES report that proves that the railing (or decking) will meet or exceed code requirements. It can be made of solid 3" steel and imbedded in 12" of concrete and no one cares unless you can cough up the right report that says it passes ICC-ES standards.

It is my understanding that, whereas none of the white vinyl clad composite railing systems have an ICC-ES report yet as of this publication (Fairway Composite Railing included), because Fairway HAS completed the testing with an ICC-ES approved testing facility and because the composite railing DOES exceed ICC-ES standards, that the following documentation is accepted by Fairfax and most other localities until the actual ICC-ES report is issued. Please click on the link and download the PDF file. Print it out and take two copies with you when applying for a Permit.

Should they give you a hard time (always a distinct possibility), if you have ordered this fine product through me... please call me and I will get the right person on the phone with your Plan Reviewer or Inspector and clear things up for them.

We stand behind our clients.


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