Fairway Composite Railing
with "Mahogany" or "Teak" Cap

Fairway has just announced a white composite railing with a new composite "teak" or "mahogany" cap that is absolutely stunning. The idea is that it imitates a wooden railing that has been painted with a high gloss white paint and has a highly polished teak or mahogany cap. The appearance of this composite railing is striking... and so is the price tag. Take a look below:


Fairway composite railings mahogany cap


Couple of things:

First, do not confuse the Fairway Vinyl Railings with the Fairway COMPOSITE Railings (above). The vinyl railings look awesome (the high gloss virgin vinyl is virtually maintenance free and never dulls) but it has the feel of plastic... because, well, it IS plastic. The Fairway Composite Railing is also virtually maintenance free and beautiful... but it also has the advantage of feeling very solid. In addition, come June 2005, the manufacturer says they will have the above composite railing available with composite "teak" and "mahogany" caps as shown. This is the bomb.

Second, the cost on this bad boy is right at $20/LF labor to install (it is not "installer friendly") and a whopping $80/LF estimated materials... and that does not include any waste factor. Compare that to $31.33/LF for Fairway Vinyl Railings. But for folks who can afford it, it really is one of the best and most beautiful railings money can buy.



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