Fairway Composite Railing

The Fairway Composite Railing photos below show us details for how the composite top and bottom rails attach to the posts.

Notice again that there are no ugly screws or fasteners visible. Say... someone put some real thought into this design.

The first photo shows us the white Fairway Composite Rail (Post to Post configuration) with two 4 1/2" composite caps butting into a 5" post with a Classic Cap on top.

Fairway Composite Rail Classic Post Cap



The Fairway Composite Rail photo below shows us the fine detail and decorative edging that goes into this product.

  • Notice the fluted 2x2 balusters (edges cut off to give it an architectural look).

  • See how the bottom 2x4 has been given a routered look on the edge. Actually all 4 edges have it for the bottom 2x4.

  • The post has rounded corners.

  • No visible fasteners.


Let's face it... this product has the look and feel of finely crafted, painted wood. What does the commercial claim?

"It doesn't get any better than this."

(You know, when you are your own webmaster you can write
hokey stuff like this and nobody can tell you that you can't.)



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