Fairway Vinyl Fences

Fairway also makes some beautiful and strong solid vinyl privacy fencing as well:

  • Looks great on both sides

  • V-groove tongue and groove (privacy fence)

  • Clean, tight fit (no gaps dude)

  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty (this alone shrinks the field of competitors)

  • 100% virgin vinyl (means no yellowing with age)

  • White through and through (no fading)

  • Conveniently packaged

  • 2" x 6 1/2" bottom rail means no sagging or bowing like the other guys do


Fairway Vinyl PVC Fences

The Fairway Picket Fences shown above not only look great on both sides, but they also have the following features:

  • Neighbor friendly. Huh? Yup. Your neighbor will love the look so much he'll want to claim the fence as his own!

  • 8 degree racking allows for slopes and inclines!

  • Thicker extrusion

  • Lifetime Transferrable Warranty

  • 100% virgin vinyl (no yellowing, splitting or cracking like the other guys)

  • True picket caps (not crimped like the other guys)

  • White through and through (no fading)

  • Very conveniently packaged



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