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An order for GeoDeck flooring typically includes tongue & groove decking with the Perimeter Strip that "picture frames" the deck so you don't see deck board ends... fascia trim being an optional extra. The order normally works out to about $9.55/SF for deck, landing and deck stair treads. Ex) The Ambassador deck is 456SF with 44SF of landing and stairs. Total area = 500SF. Therefore expect to pay approximately $9.55 x 500 = $4775 for the GeoDeck as described above. Call for shipping cost.

On the other hand, if you are looking at the Deck Building Cost Calculator, you will notice that the pressure treated deck materials run about $8.00/SF and the UPGRADE price for total materials for a GeoDeck deck is $15.77/SF. The difference ($15.77 - $8.00) is $7.77/SF... not $9.55/SF as quoted above. You ask, "Why is that?" Because we must back out the cost of the pressure treated decking that the GeoDeck replaces. Therefore the UPGRADE price from pressure treated to GeoDeck runs right at $7.77/SF. Soooo, when you order it, you will find that your cost will run approximately $9.55/SF... which is about $7.77/SF more than a pressure treated deck. Make sense?

Now here is where we get "real" as my kids used to say. The above GeoDeck prices are realistic prices that take into account everything you should need... no hidden costs. We have even factored in a waste of 20%. 20% is a LOT of waste. But 20% is realistic because when you run the decking in diagonal, herringbone patterns (like we all love to do), you get more waste. And don't forget plain, old fashioned carpenter goofs.

"No matter how many times I cut this darn board, it is still too short!"

These prices assume you or your carpenter are not perfect and will make some mistakes. That is normal. You CAN eliminate a lot of that 20% waste (assuming you don't make any mistakes) if you choose to run a couple of break boards down the deck perpendicular to the house wall (there are three break boards currently showing in the Ambassador plan). Then you could run your decking parallel to the house in two 10' sections and one 12' section. By doing this and by buying 12' boards for the 4'x4' landing and 4' wide steps, you can (in theory) eliminate a lot of that 20% waste.

I trust the information on this page (along with the Deck Building Cost Calculator) will help give you the accurate, no-hype, truthful information that you need to make sound decisions about your new deck or porch.

New! Instant online GeoDeck ordering spreadsheet. It's accurate and it is F-A-S-T.


For ordering purposes, here is the price list for GeoDeck that is also published on the GeoDeck Order Form (2009 prices):

12' .......................... $40.85
16' .......................... $54.89
20' .......................... $68.93

12" x 12' fascia ...... $76.59

End caps.................... $ 2.55 ea

Order fast and order now! Use our new GeoDeck spreadsheet online. Delivery anywhere in continental USA... as fast as 2 days in many cases.



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