Ray Mills' GeoDeck Deck & Screen
Porch with Fairway Vinyl Railings
("We Frame - U Finish" service)

Ray had me design this lovely deck and screen porch in Dominion Valley Country Club. He used our "Design-at-a-Distance" service. We worked together on several iterations of his Preliminary Deck and Screen Porch Plan until we finally achieved the most deck and screen porch that he could get for his budget. He stretched his dollars more by using our "We Frame - U Finish" service which allowed him to save enough to afford the upgrade to GeoDeck decking with Fairway Vinyl Railings and white vinyl trim. Come back soon when it is complete and we will show you all of this beautiful GeoDeck and Fairway Vinyl Railing deck and screen porch. It really is a striking deck and porch. Good work, Ray!

Please see our references page for Ray's email address should you care to contact him. Ray is very helpful and quick to give advice concerning a deck and porch and the use of composite deck and railing building materials.

Incidentally, to see the final Preliminary Deck and Porch Plan, follow the link. The house is on Arnold Palmer Drive.




See the next stunning photo of this beautiful GeoDeck, Fairway deck and screen porch.



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