Deloney Composite Deck

Composite Deck Made with Trex® Composite Decking and Trex® Composite Railing [Copyright 2001-2004 by Mike French] (Interior photos) This deck was made with a pressure treated substructure and a composite decking and composite railing.  The material is called Trex®.  We personally prefer a composite decking called GeoDeck® (call or email Perry Adams for free samples) because Trex decking is a “wood flour” based composite decking (99% of all composites are […]

McNichols Composite Deck

Composite Deck Made with GeoDeck® Composite Decking and Fairway Vinyl Railing Bob McNichols only lives a few minutes down the road from me… but he is a techy kind of guy who liked the “design-at-a-distance” service. View the drawing we came up with together. Bob is not very fond of spending his weekends and evenings power washing, staining […]

Kakava GeoDeck & Fairway Vinyl Railing

Composite Deck Made with GeoDeck® Composite Decking and Fairway Vinyl Railing Paul and Christina had me work up this lovely deck design for their home in Fredericksburg. These folks are incredibly busy college professors who have no time or interest in maintenance. So naturally they chose GeoDeck decking with Fairway railings. The contrast between the “mahogany” GeoDeck T&G […]

Ray Mills’ GeoDeck Deck & Screen Porch

Ray Mills’ GeoDeck Deck & Screen Porch with Fairway Vinyl Railings (“We Frame – U Finish” service) Ray had me design this lovely deck and screen porch in Dominion Valley Country Club. He used our “Design-at-a-Distance” service. We worked together on several iterations of his Preliminary Deck and Screen Porch Plan until we finally achieved the most deck and […]

The Sawyer’s GeoDeck Composite Deck & Screen Porch

Deck & Porch Materials of Low Maintenance Composites with Hidden Fasteners [Copyright 2006 by Mike French] GeoDeck t&g decking gives you a hidden fastener system for free. In addition, the hollow self-ventilating boards stay cooler in direct sunlight than do solid composites. And… because GeoDeck solved the problem of huge contraction gaps at the ends of the […]