Cleaning Composite Decking and Railings

How to Clean, Stain, Seal and Protect Composite Decking and Railings Against Problems for 20 Years Minimum

FACT: The original manufacturers of composite decking and railings sold us a “bill of goods” because most of it SUCKS… It is NOT “low maintenance”. Reason? 99.9% of today’s composite deck boards and railings are made from wood and plastic (wood flour and polypropylene to be exact) and are subject to all kinds of problems. When it gets this bad, your only solution is rip it up and replace it… but apply 20+ Year Super Shield to the new composite decking and railings to prevent future problems. Fill out my Client Worksheet to get started.

The Problems:

  • DECAY: The wood flour (sawdust) attracts and absorbs moisture which causes composite decking and railings to decay, crumble, decompose, degenerate, deteriorate, disintegrate, and basically ROT. There are several solutions: Demo and replace with GeoDeck composite… or Western Red Cedar stained and then sealed with 20+ year Super Shield… or Ipe exotic hardwood sealed with 20+ Year Super Shield. Even Pressure Treated wood stained and then sealed with 20+ Year Super Shield may provide an inexpensive but long lasting and beautiful solution.
  • FILTHY: Composite decking gets dirty fast and due to “high surface energy” the stuff is hard to clean. The solution is Super Cleaner and 20+ Year Super Shield. Call 540 786-3534 to order.
  • MOLD: Mold on composite decking can be so bad that straight Chlorox won’t get it out! Why? Composites are made from unsealed, unprotected wood flour (sawdust) that feeds mold so that it grows down into the interior of the board. Solution? Super Cleaner (contains antimicrobial to kill the mold) and 20+ Year Super Shield (contains antimicrobial to keep on killing mold and mildew for 20+ years).
  • FADING: Composite decking fades terribly. In a couple of years, you won’t recognize it. Solution: GeoDeck composite fades very little. And 20+ Year Super Shield over ANY composite or over wood (or painted surfaces) stops all fading, all oxidation and all UV damage (and all mold, mildew or algae). It is also self-cleaning in the rain due to having a low surface energy.

Instructions: Useful instructions on how to clean, stain, seal and protect composite decking and railings for 20+ years with One Application of Fluoropolymer…

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Click on photo for enlargement Photographic differences between
today’s composites and Super Shield
protected real wood.