Composite Decking and Railings...
Instructions on How to Clean, Stain, Seal and Protect Composite Decking
and Railings for 20+ Years with One Application of Fluoropolymer


The solution to composite decking and railings that are fading, staining, filthy, and moldy (but not splitting, cracking, swelling or otherwise falling apart) is available through a One Time Permanent Maintenance Solution.

This is a 20+ year coating called Super Shield and these are the instructions:

1. The Super Shield Fluoropolymer will not coat over polyethylene, lexan, polystyrene or silicone, so be sure to call the manufacturer of your composite and determine its contents. Most are composed of polypropylene and wood flour which are fine.

2. All other types of plastics can be coated but you will have to use an adhesion promoter. It's Superpro Adhesion Promoter SKU 50803.

3. Apply two coats of Super Shield Solvent Base (SB) SKU 20059VCF fluoropolymer to achieve 2 mil dry thickness.

Note: If your composite is clean and shows no mold or unsightly stains, you can use clear Super Shield which will enhance the colors of the composite, bringing out the colors in some cases better than new. But if your composite contains mold or stains that the Super Cleaner has not removed, or if it is badly faded, you will want to use a solid color or tint additive in the Super Shield. We make that easy to order at

Note: The Super Cleaner SKU 50800 and Super Shield SKU 20059VCF are both antimicrobial which will kill mold on the surface of the composite and keep it from spreading or from growing above or below the surface of the coating for the lifetime of the product which is a minimum of 20 years. Download Detailed Instructions for all of these products including Superpro Adhesion Promoter SKU 50803.

Note: If your composite is deteriorating, swelling or cracking, it is beyond repair and must be replaced. Our recommendation is to use GeoDeck composite... but if you choose Ipe or Western Red Cedar or even Pressure Treated or Trex or any other composite... now you can have a beautiful surface protected for 20+ years from damage, fading, cracking, swelling, decay, graying, mold, mildew and discoloration of any kind, with a One Time Application of Super Shield. See the detailed instructions. See below for ordering and of our services or products.


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