Resurface or Repair Your Deck or Lake Anna Boat Dock

Resurface Your Deck or Lake Anna Boat Dock to NEW at a Fraction of the Cost of Total Deck or Boat Dock Replacement

As pressure treated wood decking ages, it turns gray, warps, produces nail pops, splinters, splits, allows water into the board which then freezes and opens the boards up to fungus. Fungus secretes an enzyme which converts wood cellulose to wood sugar and that is what fungus eats.

New Spotsylvania “Arbor Haven” wedding venue on the lake uses iDekk GeoDeck decking, the best composite in Virginia

Over time your deck or Lake Anna boat dock will be eaten from the top down and from the bottom up. You can replace your deck but the cost of replacing a deck is huge.

Or… we can RESURFACE and REPAIR your deck or dock like no one else can… and for a lot less money. True.

Here’s how we do deck repair:

We remove the decking (pressure treated flooring or old, useless composite decking boards like Trex), apply an environmentally friendly fungicide to the pressure treated framing (floor joists) which will kill 100% of the mold, mildew, algae and fungus, and then pressure wash it clean.

Composite Decking Cost

We then apply a “once and done” coating of StoneWood Silica Aerogel which will preserve and protect the deck or boat dock PT framing surfaces indefinitely against fungus (see StoneWood page).

We will then install iDekk GeoDeck tongue and groove composite decking boards which will give you a lifetime* of enjoyment without dangerous foot snagging nail pops (fasteners are hidden), without burning bare feet (hollow self-ventilating design keeps this best composite decking cooler in direct sunlight), and without allowing mold, mildew, algae and fungus to eat into your deck, dock, pier or slip.

Mahogany iDekk GeoDeck composite decking used on this boat dock

Why can we make this claim? iDekk GeoDeck composite decking contains no organic material that feeds fungus like other composite decking. Result? Not only is your dock pressure treated framing preserved and protected against fungus forever (StoneWood is “once and done”), but the composite decking will remain beautiful and safe year after year after year*. All for a fraction of the cost to replace your deck, boat dock, slip or pier (see manufacturer’s Cost of Ownership chart)

*Limited Lifetime Warranty by Greenbay Decking

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This service has huge demand and the demand is increasing. Do not put this off. Get on our Construction Calendar now so we can do this work for you in the spring. Wait until spring to contract with us, and the work won’t commence until summer.

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