Preserve and Protect Pressure Treated Wood Framing with Stonewood

Preserve and Protect Pressure Treated Wood Framing Against Mold, Mildew, Algae and Fungus for Life with StoneWood Silica Aerogel

Virginia’s Rivers and Lakes Solution to Pressure Treated Fungal Rot for Decks, Docks, Slips, Piers, Boathouses, and Boardwalks

StoneWood is “once and done”. It will preserve and protect PT wood framing for life*

STONEWOOD is a permanent internal pressure treated wood protector. After first killing the fungus, it is applied to the underside substructure of pressure treated wood projects such as decks, boat docks, boat slips, piers, boathouses and boardwalks.

It is a Silica Aerogel material that fills several interior layers of wood cells with silica (glass) which seals and waterproofs the underside and prevents future fungal penetration and decay indefinitely. It is also acid, salt and heat resistant and extremely light. In short, it stops aging from below a deck, boat dock, boat slip, boathouse or boardwalk by petrifying the wood. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, fumeless and will not harm aquatic life.

Like glass, silica aerogel repels water.
Photo by Cabot

Once applied, it permanently fills several interior layers of wood cells with silica (think glass) and never needs to be applied again.

New Spotsylvania “Arbor Haven”
wedding venue uses the best composite decking available

Before we installed iDekk GeoDeck composite decking to this wedding feature over the water, we applied one coating of StoneWood Silica Aerogel to the pressure treated substructure of the Arbor Haven wedding feature in Spotsylvania, Virginia.

The StoneWood permanently sealed the pressure treated wood framing preventing fungus from eating the wood while the iDekk GeoDeck composite decking provides an appearance like exotic hardwood but without the maintenance. It also will allow the bride to dance barefoot without fear of nail pops (because we used hidden fasteners) or burned feet (hollow self-ventilating deck boards). And the Arbor Haven wedding venue owner never has to worry about fungus eating the composite decking, fading, or costly maintenance.

iDekk GeoDeck composite decking is warrantied for life*… and the StoneWood we used to preserve and protect the pressure treated substructure will also last forever. According to the manufacturer, this product “was developed to permanently seal, waterproof, and harden wood products.” [emphasis mine]

Folks have been led to believe that pressure treated lumber will last almost indefinitely. It won’t. When arsenic was one of the components of pressure treated wood, it lasted for many, many years due primarily to its fungicidal properties. But during the George W. Bush administration, the EPA forced the pressure treatment facilities to remove the arsenic.

The result is pressure treated wood that does not last as long because it is subject to fungal rot. Fungus eats wood by secreting an enzyme which converts wood cellulose to wood sugar. This is the primary reason pressure treated wood manufactured today will not last as long as pressure treated wood made prior to 2004. We have one answer: Like anything else, fungus needs food, water and air to live.

Once my company kills the fungus with a fungicide (see photo at right), we treat the wood with StoneWood which will infuse the first few layers of wood cells with silica (similar to glass) which prevents fungi from accessing the wood.

It presents a barrier which (like glass) keeps the fungus from penetrating the wood. And because several layers of the wood cell walls (cell interiors) have been saturated with StoneWood silica aerogel, the glass-like protection does not wear off. It lasts forever. And the fungus is stopped dead in its tracks… forever.

StoneWood will protect the pressure treated framing substructure of docks, piers, slips and boathouses against rot from fungus indefinitely. Never build a dock without applying one coat to all surfaces.

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