Composite Deck Made with Trex®

Composite Decking and Trex® Composite Railing

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Composites can be used to
make some very striking
pieces like this flower box
made from Trex decking.

Composite flower box made from Trex decking
Trex deck floor - composites are carpenter friendly - but always check out a weathered composite before you buy it!

This view of the composite deck
shows off the diagonal Trex decking.

Looking back, we see another view
of the
herringbone Trex decking.

Trex composite makes an attractive herringbone trex decking pattern
Trex bench made from Trex deck boards

Composites do a great job
of making deck accessories
like benches, too.  (And
no nasty splinters in the
you know where.) This
bench is made from the
Trex composite decking.

This sunken octagon
seating area is a real
touch of class.

Use our Online Deck Cost
to determine the
cost of a composite deck and
compare it to pressure treated
and Ipe.

Trex flower box and Trex bench
Composites like Trex are low, low maintenance

Composites like Trex™ and GeoDeckmake for easy living.

The Designer of this deck (Mike French)
has a Design & Build service offered
through Virginia Decking & Remodeling
in which he can custom design a deck for
the DIYer or for your Builder... or his
firm can use one of their experienced
Deck Builders to build your project.




Trex decking is advertised as a low maintenance composite material made from reclaimed plastic and hardwood fibers. It cuts, nails, screws, drills, routs and sands just like wood so it is very carpenter friendly.  Unfortunately, like 99% of the other composites available, Trex is a "wood flour" based composite. And time is not kind to wood flour based composites. See the Class Action suit against Trex for reasons*. This is why we can no longer recommend Trex decking or products. Click here for previous photos of this beautiful composite deck. (Isn't it refreshing when a business "tells it like it is" and gives you the whole scoop?) However, we have discovered one composite that is NOT "wood flour" based and is not subject to the same problems. GeoDeck.

*The owner of this deck called me on 5/16/05 to get a bid on additional work. During our conversation I asked about the condition of his Trex decking (it has now been only five years). He said it had deteriorated so badly that Trex has agreed to pay the full labor and materials to replace all of it. I know what I am talking about... go with GeoDeck.



Trex bench on Trex deck

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