GeoDeck Solves Contraction Problem

The whole composite industry (including all the major players like Trex®, Timbertech®, Choice Dek®, and Evergrain®) has struggled with one universal problem: Because composites are not cellular in structure (like wood found in a tree), the man-made composites are all subject to expansion and contraction when the temperature changes. Trex®, TimberTech®, Choice Dek®, Evergrain®... they all are plagued with the same issue: The boards expand in the heat and contract in the cold. That constant movement can leave unsightly gaps. GeoDeck® is the first, and at this point the only composite decking manufacturer, to solve this problem. It is a Feature Strip that is somewhat similar to a reduction strip separating two rooms like kitchen and dining room. This is what it looks like and how it works:

GeoDeck Feature Perimeter Strip



Feature Strip
Perimeter Strip



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