GeoDeck and Virginia Decking Save You Money

GeoDeck Saves Money

GeoDeck and Virginia Decking Save You Money:

(A lot of it)

GeoDeck saves you money



  • Even if you are NOT our client and you are using someone else to build your project, if you buy your GeoDeck (or Vinyl Rails or deck lighting) through my suppliers, you may qualify to receive a portion of my Virginia Decking Contractor Discount on all pressure treated wood, fasteners, concrete and a bunch of other building materials!
  • GeoDeck saves money on maintenance costs. Whatever you would normally spend to pressure wash and seal or paint your deck… kiss that expense and headache goodbye forever.

    GeoDeck saves maintenance expenses
  • When you sell your house, you get a whole lot more than you paid because the composite/vinyl industry is growing at 25% a year. Demand for composite decks is going up. When you sell your house, demand will be higher which drives the price up. But the reverse is also true. We are at the point now that vinyl siding was maybe 25 years ago. Today who buys a home they have to paint anymore? In a few short years, no one will be building decks with pressure treated decking for the same reason. If you build a pressure treated deck now, you will DECREASE the future value of your home because when you go to sell, the buyer will discount the price by the cost to upgrade the deck to something they don’t have to maintain! Make sense? This is a real issue and you should seriously factor it into your decisions.
  • You can save even more if you use our “We Frame – U Finish” service (but please don’t try this is if you are “carpentry challenged”).

R U carpentry challenged?


What is your next step?


Your next step is to figure out how much this GeoDeck deck or porch is going to cost you and then proceed with the design process.