Getting Started

So what's next? Two things...

First (if you are starting from scratch) you need to determine how large a deck, porch (front or screened) or sunroom combination you want and can afford. You can do all of that with my incredibly handy and way cool Deck, Porch and Sunroom Excel Price Worksheet. I have the unheard of 'nerve' to actually publish my prices on this Price Worksheet. This way it levels the playing field for you and I. By that I mean I will not increase your prices if I sense you can afford it and the published prices on the Deck, Porch and Sunroom Excel Price Worksheet guarantee that I won't. Everyone is treated the same.

Refreshing, huh.

Then (or if you are just wanting to replace funky decking and/or railings) you need to email or fax or mail me a Client Worksheet. (I prefer it emailed). I am usually a few days deep in the Design Que and my network of Deck Builders are anywhere from 3-5 weeks from contract to job start.


So... like you better get going. Do it now while you still have a little... time on your hands.

Better hurry, dude!
(Who the heck comes up with
this hokey stuff anyway.)

Please call me if you have any questions!
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