In Home Presentation Book

The Cole’s Composite Deck

In Home Presentation Book


When a salesman comes into your home he always brings with him some type of Presentation Book (called a “Pitch Book”). This Presentation Book advertises and showcases his wares. We are no different… except for one thing: You can see our Presentation Book without seeing the salesman! (What a blessing)

The links below will pull up high resolution PDF files of our latest and greatest In Home Presentation Book used by our sales people. But because it is high resolution, I had to break it into many smaller sections. Each download will still take some time, so be patient(It is worth the wait)

You only need Adobe Acrobat ReaderEnjoy!


Credentials (pp 1-4)

Lawler Deck (pp 5-9) [GeoDeck]

Options (pp 10-13)

Kaila Deck (pp 14-18) [GeoDeck]

Kaila Gazebo (pp 19-23) [Vinyl]

McNichols Deck (pp 24-30) [GeoDeck]

Harpster Deck (pp 31-35) [GeoDeck]

Fasano Deck (pp 36-42) [GeoDeck]

Mills Deck/Porch (pp 43-45) [GeoDeck]

Endy Deck/Porch (pp 46-50) [GeoDeck]

Endy Deck/Porch (pp 51-55) [GeoDeck]

Front Porches (pp 56-64)

Ciotti Deck (pp 65-66) [Ipe]

Ullman Deck (pp 67-72) [Ipe]

OConnor Deck/Porch (pp 73-77) [Ipe]

OConnor Deck/Porch (pp 78-82) [Ipe]