Kakava GeoDeck & Fairway Vinyl Railing

Composite Deck Made with GeoDeck®

Composite Decking and Fairway Vinyl Railing

Paul and Christina had me work up this lovely deck design for their home in Fredericksburg. These folks are incredibly busy college professors who have no time or interest in maintenance. So naturally they chose GeoDeck decking with Fairway railings.

The contrast between the “mahogany” GeoDeck T&G decking and the high gloss white Fairway Vinyl Railing is really quite stunning.

The Fairway Vinyl Railing style they chose is the basic railing with spindles. Very classy… and no maintenance.

When I design a deck with a white vinyl railing and white PVC lattice skirting… it looks very sharp to interrupt the expanse of white with the GeoDeck fascia.My new Deck and Porch Spreadsheet will calculate the cost of your deck quickly and accurately with all of the accessories you see here plus a lot more.

Composites like GeoDeck™ make for easy living.
The Designer of this deck (Mike French) has a Design & Build service offered through Virginia Decking & Remodeling in which he can custom design a deck for the DIYer or for your Builder… or his firm can use one of their experienced Deck Builders to build your project.
This deck is another example of the fine work done by Duke and Dave Bradie… two of the finest craftsman Mike has had the pleasure of knowing in 21 years of deck designing.

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