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When you go to the extra expense to install vinyl railings or composite railings around your composite deck flooring... don't go half way. Finish the job and make the deck or porch really low maintenance. You really will be glad you did.

  • Install vinyl trim around the deck perimeter (hides ends of decking and covers the pressure treated deck floor joists).

  • Then install vinyl trim down the exterior of the stair carriages as well as encasing the stair risers in vinyl fascia (covers the pressure treated stair kick plates).

  • Don't forget the beam out front... you will want to cover that with vinyl fascia as well (10" or 12" material).

  • Then put the finishing touches on by sleeving the main outside 6x6 supports in vinyl as well.

Viola! No more maintenance. No more sanding, scraping, staining and painting. Go play golf. Swing in your deck hammock. And when your neighbor is out there scraping his deck in the hot sun... please do him a favor and tell him about for information on how to make his deck low maintenance. Life is too short.



vinyl railings, vinyl trim, vinyl fascia, vinyl sleeves, vinyl rails


For a very fast and accurate method of pricing out the above vinyl fascia and trim, simply...

  1. Add up the linear distance around your deck (perimeter of floor).

  2. Determine the number of linear feet down the exterior of the stairs (both sides if both are visible).

  3. Figure the number of linear feet for each riser (Ex. - Twelve 4'-0" steps would mean 48LF).

  4. Then (the tricky part), take the length of the 2x10 or 2x12 beams you want to cover and multiply that by three (3). Why? Because you will wrap three (3) sides of each beam.

  5. Then add up these lengths and multiply that sum by $3.38/LF.

Ex) Recently I priced out the vinyl trim for a client's deck. Including a 10% waste and goof factor, his total came to $537 for 159LF... or $3.38/LF.

Figure your cost of 6x6 vinyl sleeves at about $10.32/LF of 6x6 (waste factor is included).




For ordering purposes, here is the itemized price list for 5/8" Royal Wood white vinyl with a smooth finish on both sides... white all the way through... as shown above:


5/8" x 4" x 16'
$ 19.08
5/8" x 6" x 16'
5/8" x 8" x 16'
5/8" x 10" x 16'
5/8" x 12" x 16'
6" x 6" x 8' white vinyl sleeves

*You will receive a 5% discount off these prices if you order from Perry Adams and if you mention that you got his number from Mike French of Virginia Decking.
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