Don’t Replace – Reface Your Deck or Boat Dock

Don’t Replace – Reface, Resurface & Repair Your Deck, Boat Dock, Pier, Slip, Boathouse or Board Walk to NEW at a Fraction of the Cost of Total Deck or Boat Dock Replacement.

After removing the old, rotted pressure treated or dangerous composite decking, we install tongue and groove (T&G) iDekk GeoDeck composite decking.

Because the system is tongue and groove, the nail goes in through the tongue on an angle and the groove from the adjacent board covers the tongue and the nail and produces an invisible fastener system which means no dangerous nail pops.

iDekk GeoDeck composite
New Spotsylvania “Arbor Haven” wedding venue on the lake uses iDekk GeoDeck decking, the best composite in Virginia

Because these composite deck boards have a hollow, self-ventilating design, there is twice the surface area to radiate away heat compared to your typical solid core composites like Trex.

Result? The iDekk GeoDeck composite deck boards remain cooler in direct sunlight than other composite boards.

In addition, because other composite decking deck boards are made from wood flour (think sawdust) and recycled plastic (old milk jugs), these inferior composite boards are a feeding ground for mold, mildew, algae and fungus. Fungus actually eats down past the surface INTO the board sometimes so deeply that straight bleach or even sanding cannot remove it.

But no such problem with iDekk GeoDeck composite decking. A fungicide has been baked into the boards… and from our research, we found there is nothing organic in the composition which would feed mold, mildew, algae and fungus.

This composite decking Lifetime Limited Warranty states that the “deck owner” is protected against “rot, mildew, fungal decay, and mold damage (or) significant color fade or discoloration.” In addition, the manufacturer states that their decking “will not splinter, split, or delaminate, (or) suffer structural damage from termites…” Now that is a warranty!


This is a photo of a well known composite deck board that has grown mold, mildew, algae and fungus on the surface. These foreign invaders have also penetrated the surface so deeply that replacement is the only solution. That’s expensive. Wood and many composite deck boards will develop this problem because fungus secrets an enzyme which converts wood cellulose to wood sugar which is what fungus eats. Fungus will eat clear through a board. It is also a slip/fall hazard because fungus is what makes wood and wood-base composites slippery. Try walking across fungus covered rocks in a stream!

iDekk GeoDeck Copper Canyon
Terrain composite decking… made to look like real wood.

iDekk GeoDeck composite T&G deck boards look like real wood but will last virtually forever* because the materials will not feed mold, mildew, algae and fungus. iDekk GeoDeck composite decking is highly resistant to fading (see manufacturer’s 5 year photo below), have no issues with nail pops (due to hidden fasteners), and stay cooler under bare feet due to their hollow, self-ventilating design.

Over time they also cost less than wood. See the manufacturer’s Cost of Ownership chart.

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This service has huge demand and the demand is increasing. Do not put this off. Get on our Construction Calendar now so we can do this work for you in the spring. Wait until spring to contract with us, and the work won’t commence until summer.

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