Decking Materials

Are You Looking For Decking Materials That…

  • Is truly low maintenance decking materials?
  • Does not fade like other composite decks?
  • Does not mold into the surface?
  • Does not stain easily like other composite decks (and when it does stain, is easily cleaned)?
  • Does not decay and rot like other composite decks (that’s right… read the Class Action suit against Trex… and I hear more may be coming against other wood flour composite companies)
  • Has a 25 year decking materials warranty (instead of 10 like most of the other composite decking products)?
  • Is tongue & groove so nails are hidden (at no extra charge)?
  • Has a hollow, self-ventilating design so the boards remain much cooler in direct sunlight (these engineers are some smart folks)
  • Has a matching composite railing (ICC-ES approved with ICC-ES number)?
  • Is a decking material that looks like real wood (color and texture)?
  • Is the first (and so far only) composite manufacturer to lick the contraction issue? (another clever idea)
  • Will stay looking like real wood and NEVER turn gray or funky in color?
  • Won’t warp? Twist? Peel? Crack? Cup?
  • Is so economical that it will cost LESS than sealed/stained pressure treated? (Don’t believe it? In 31years in this business, I’ve been blessed with some ingenius ways to save you money and make me money at the same time!)
  • Cuts and nails just like wood (what we call “carpenter friendly”)?
  • Is a slip resistant decking material when wet?
  • Is environmentally friendly?
  • Can be ordered at a discount? (I know, it seems too good to be true.)

Then You Want A Deck Made of The Decking Composite Called …

duxxbak decking by GeoDeck

Creates a dry space below your existing or new deck.

A deck that sheds rain like water off a duck’s back… even a gully washer!

Read PDF brochure!

Independent 3rd party testing for water absorption…more science to show that GeoDeck is the best overall composite decking solution in the industry. Read it for yourself.

As seen on the Discovery Channel