Tell Us About Your Deck!

I get emails and calls constantly from folks who tell me of the horrors of their wood flour base composite decks and vinyl decks. One gentleman told me of his Trex® deck that had to be totally replaced after only five (5) years… and he said Trex agreed to pay for labor and materials to do it all over again!

Well, I need your story. Send me an email and tell me your experience with your manmade decking product, whether composite or vinyl or whatever. The good, the bad, yes even the ugly… I want to hear it so we can become a watchdog over the composite industry… a voice for the consumer to help others know what they are getting into. Your experience may well help someone else save a bunch of money… and a big headache.

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Latest Trex® Horror Story

“Hi Tim,
Right now I have a Trex deck that is molding very badly. Can you tell me if Geo Decking has any mold issues or problems as I will soon need to replace my deck?” 
— Dianna in Chicago (complete letter on file)

Our Response: Thanks for your note. The quick answer to your question is “no”. GeoDeck has no mold issues. The better answer is that mold can grow on anything… including glass or stone… or GeoDeck. The reason is that mold grows on organic material, so when organic materials accumulate on any surface, mold can attach itself to that material. But wash it off and it’s gone. Simple. Same is true for GeoDeck. Wash it and it’s looking great. Can’t do that with most of the other composites because they contain wood fibers which are organic. So the mold grows down into the board making the process of mold remediation very difficult in some cases. With GeoDeck you do not have that problem. There is nothing for the mold to attach itself to. That’s not good grammar but you get my point.

Hope this helps. When you are ready to place your order, feel free to use our handy Excel Order Form and I’ll see if I can get you a Contractor Discount off list prices.

BTW, since this article was published, we have begun working with Super Cleaner and Super Shield both of which contain antimicrobials which kill the mold and keep it dead. Read more.

— Mike French

Another Trex® Horror Story

“I would like to request some free samples of your geodeck deck material in any colors you have available. I put trex on my deck three years ago and now it is staining, and breaking down almost to crumble and looks awful. Trex is offering to “make me happy without claiming responsibility” so they will give me credit to replace my deck. I am looking for other composite products as I am afraid to buy trex again even if they say it is improved.” — Deborah in Utah (complete letter on file)